PROSOCKER is revolutionizing the market in football socks. They offer maximum protection by perfect immobiliza-tion of any model of shin guard — Only our patented socks offer this innovation.

Our socks accomplish this with a a built-in front pocket that holds and immobilizes any shin guard allowing the play-er to enjoy maximum confidence and security of movement while in the game.

Total immobilization of the shin guard

Easy and quick introduction of the protection

How does it work?

The new PROSOCKER football socks were born from the need to provide state-of-the-art performance with complete security for both youth players and professionals. PROSOCKER socks allow you to enjoy your passion with security, comfort and total protection.

Elite players have thoroughly tested our socks and unanimously supported and praised their revolutionary features.

They can be used under official football socks

They do not change the exterior appearance of the socks

Indicated for children and adults

What do we get?

One of the great advantages of these socks is that they allow the player to completely eliminate the need for addi-tional compressive accessories thus providing safety and security more simply and without creating problems with player blood pressure while playing and practicing.

Great Benefits

TOTAL immobilization of the shin guard.

They are quick and easy to use.

They isolate the shin guard thus avoid rubbing and direct contact with the skin

They are cost effective because they eliminate the need for other external accessories

They minimize skin pressure during physical exercise.

They do not change the exterior appearance of the socks

They can be used under official football socks allowing professional players to achieve the the PROSOCKS advantages